Get rid of belly fat with these effective diet tips

It takes extreme focus and perseverance to lose belly fat. Dietitian Garima Goyal claims that shedding this fat is essential since having more fat around the abdomen predisposes the body to metabolic problems including type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. In addition to eating sensibly, frequent exercise is essential for maintaining fitness.

Anjali Mukerjee, a nutritionist, shared five dietary practises on Instagram as a result of which you could be able to lose this obstinate belly fat.

Here are some good dietary practises you can adopt:

*Consume high-fibre foods including jowar, wheat bran, and oat bran.

*Avoid refined carbs, such as white rice, white bread, cakes, and pizzas, as they further wreak havoc on the hormone system and promote weight gain.

*When you turn 40, cut back on your carb intake by 40%. As we become older, our capacity to burn carbohydrates declines, causing us to put on additional weight in the midsection.

Eat small meals. The size of a micro meal is half that of a standard meal. It is easy on the digestive system, lessens bloating, and aids in stomach reduction.

*Always eat something.

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